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Sire Information - Sasquatch


This bull was born in 1989 in Canada and proceeded to become one of best known and sought after Grand Champion sires in the bison industry. Produced by Bill Bitner, and was finally owned by Blue Mountain Bison. This bull entered the 1992 Gold Trophy show and sale as a two-year old and went on to win the entire show as grand champion male.
When the bull got to Denver Bob Dineen was one of the first people to see the bull, "He was a nice big bull, but he was also the first bull in the yards, without anything to compare him with it is difficult to judge". (1992 - Bison World- Laurie Dineen) When Dale Dilley the yard manager saw him he named him "Sasquatch" and the name stuck.

Bronze of Sasquatch
Judges Comments:
Bronze made of Sasquatch

"The most impressive thing about this bull is his size relative to his age. He is as tall as the fence behind him. This bull was mouthed in the pen, thanks to Levi, and he showed no sign of cutting 3 year old teeth, yet. He has good length and carries deep from the girth through the flank and hind quarters."

"He is very smooth for a bull showing this much growthiness and stands very correct on his back legs. He has a good, level hip from hooks to pins and good heavy bone structure. He doesn't appear to be overly conditioned."

"There were some very good bulls in this two year old class but this one stood out. "Brian Ward - 1992 Gold Trophy Show and Sale Judge (1992 - Bison World- Laurie Dineen)

"I didn't see anything about the bull that I didn't like. I couldn't believe he was a two year old, he was so big for his age. He was extremely long and tall and very correct. I thought that he was an easy champion is his class. There we some other really good bulls in the group but he had them out-classed. It didn't appear that he been on full feed, he looked as good as he did without being pushed. Sometimes it's hard to judge bulls when some have been on feed and some haven't. People want herd bulls that will have the genetics to produce faster growing calves and bigger carcasses and I think the buffalo industry could use more bulls like this". Tony Heim - 1992 Gold Trophy Show and Sale Judge (1992 - Bison World- Laurie Dineen)

Sasquatch Sasquatch

Photos by Bison World

"Sasquatch", became the 1992 Grand Champion at the GTSS. Sasquatch was not for sale and went back to Canada. Paul Jonjak saw "Sasquatch" and was fascinated with the quality and knew this was the bull for Blue Mountain Bison. Paul made a trip to Canada and went on to purchase "Sasquatch" and also purchase some half-brothers to Sasquatch and some cows. Sasquatch found his home on Blue Mountain bison and he was set up into single sire pastures for breeding.

Sasquatch was an excellent breeder for us and went on to produce many gtss award winning animals before he was injured in 1997 resulting in the loss of his back leg. In 1995 he sired the reserve grand champion male which many of you will recognize as "Dakota Bill", purchased by Rock Creek Ranch. We also kept some of his sons and daughters on the ranch and sold many to producers around the country. Sasquatch was DNA sampled from Texas A & M and found to be pure bison. We have also registered him with the NBA blood registry so people can compare their samples to see if they really have a Sasquatch related bison.
After he was injured he was able to breed a few cows naturally, but we knew that we were on borrowed time. We collected semen from Sasquatch to keep for genetic purposes and we still have those collections today. Sasquatch did pass away from his early injuries in 2000, but his legacy lives on in his sons and daughters. Dakota Bill
Dakota Bill, son of Sasquatch

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